This link originally led to the Rural Action Organization and highlighted the murals painted in Corning and surrounding towns. The construction of Corning's picture was shown. Evidently this site no longer depicts this mural or any others at last visit. To rectify this, the following pictures are presented.

Downtown Corning from the East

This picture, taken from inside my car as we arrived from the south on Ohio Route 13, shows both the flag on the Holland Center and the mural on the east side of American Legion Post 327 building. Another 2 pictures showing the War Memorial to the west side of that same building. The fourth picture is a closer view of the mural.

Downtown Corning Monroe Township War Memorial

Downtown Corning Monroe Township War Memorial

Here is a closer view of Post 327 Headquarters Building.

Corning Mural

And for an even younger view we take you to the Holland Center Spansors Page.

We would like to include the text from the painting if someone would please advise the content and/or how to contact the artist, if possible. Thanks.