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Some Corning High School History
Original Corhing Ohio HIgh School First Addition to Corhing Ohio HIgh School
After Removing Original Structure at Corhing Ohio HIgh School Corhing Ohio HIgh School Today

The red brick building on the hill that I attended for grades 1 through 6 was the high school until 1927. The first graduates from the Corning High School of my memories were the 16 members of the Class of 1928. They were followed by the next 36 groups until the last class took the stage to get their diplomas and other honors as the 34 members of the CHS Graduating Class of 1963.

The Class of 1964 started their school year in the old Alma Mater but moved to the new Miller High School building to graduate as the Miller High School Graduating Class of 1964. That same year saw the elementary students move into the building vacated by the upper classes. The old building still had a lot of life left in her and served as the elementary school for 30 more years until the new Millcreek Elementary opened in the fall of 1993. No more youths were destined to walk those halls as students again. Only fond memories of good times past would remain.

She still had more to give though. A group of concerned citizens got together and recruited others caring about the future of the building. This group was eventually able to meet in the building they were trying to save.

A government grant was received for roof repairs and the community rallied together to clean the building. Letters to graduates resulted in raising $5,000 to get the program started. Volunteers painted and decorated the interior of the building creating a fresh, new look. Fundraiser dances were held in the building and the volunteer group finally realized return on their invested hours of effort when, for a purchase price of $1, the Corning-Monroe Civic Center was born.

Corning Ohio High School as Monroe Civic Center

The Center still serves today by being funded through the following programs:

• The Village of Corning, Southern Perry Water Company, and the local police rent office space in the building.

• Rental of the gymnasium and kitchen for special events.

• Community Development Block Grants and other government funds.

• Private donations by citizens and those appreciating the use of the facility.

• A Deer Hunters' Bed and Breakfast operated during hunting season by a volunteer staff that makes sure the hungry hunters get a hearty breakfast.

• Periodic community dances and once a month Sunday dinners contribute to the cause.

The community also benefits through other uses of the building:

• A community room where the Village council meets.

• Free use of the facility for funeral gatherings.

• A local history room dedicated to preservation and display of artifacts from the area.

• A food pantry serving as the collection and distribution center for Perry County residents.

• The designated site for disaster relief occupied by the American Red Cross during emergencies.

In summary it seems:
Our old Corning High School is in good hands and appears to be a survivor for some time as a model of community spirit and involvement. Look at this building with pride those of you who were part of this community effort. Know that without your vision, dedication and hard work, Dear Old Corning High would surely have become a run down, boarded up eyesore - a useless blight to the community.