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Steaming toward town. All aboard. Calling all Railroaders! Welcome to Corhian.com, the site dedicated to all former students, faculty and staff of Corning (Ohio) High School.

The best picture I had of the old Alma Mater.

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Updates Send in your information and keep coming back as site grows. 08/12/13. Added link to Alumni History Project page.
03/15/13. Finished Class of '62 Scrapbook.
03/11/13. Added Class of '62 Scrapbook.
03/10/13. Added Preservation Project donation letter.
08/21/11. Recoded local linked pages using XHTML and CSS.
08/14/11. Recoded Class, News, Links, Sponsors, A-Z, and History pages using XHTML and CSS.
08/10/11. Recoded this page using XHTML and CSS.
08/07/11. Recoded the 1955, 1956 and 1958 Scrapbooks using XHTML and CSS.
08/06/11. Recoded the 1959, 1960, and 1961 Scrapbooks using XHTML and CSS.
07/21/11. Recoded the General Scrapbook using XHTML and CSS.
05/21/11. Speeded up 1938 Perry Co Directory and added individual community sections. Access from Links Page.
05/19/11. Enlarged Menu Bar to reflect modern resolutions and screen sizes.
05/17/11. Added 2011 Banquet information and updated contact/no contact lists.
05/07/11. Added Class of 1961 Scrapbook.
04/15/11. Re-indexed names to include recent additions in search.
02/12/11. Updated Guest Book to help deter spammers.
10/19/10. Added banquet pictures to general scrapbook & 1960 scrapbook.
10/08/10. Removed 2010 Banquet info, added pictures 1959 Scrapbook, added to A-Z.
03/05/10. Added Pictures to General Scrapbook. Link is on Class Pages- Check them out.
05/15/09. Added Scrapbook Pictures and Bios for Class 1959.
01/19/09. Completed class pictures for 1937,1946,1947, & 1948 using scans of those yearbooks supplied by Alan Jenkins. Thank you for your time and effort.
01/04/09. Added Scrapbook Pictures from Charles Rowland.
03/12/08. Added Guest Book.
03/10/08. Added Message Board/Forum.
03/08/08. Added Counter.
02/08/08. Added Site Map.
02/04/08. Wrote additional verse for Alma Mater-Check it out at History-Lyrics!
02/03/08. Updated stale links/added CongoBytes & Crypto Helper.
01/20/08. Added Old 45's to links page.
05/14/06. Updated class picture show to include new pictures ~960 total.
05/13/06. Updated name search index.
05/12/06. Added to 1956 Scrapbook & General Scrapbook.
04/08/06. Added 2006 Alumni Banquet Letter.
03/15/06. Added General Scrapbook to Class Pages Index.
020/2/06. Added Scrapbook to Class of 1956.
01/17/06. Added Sudoku Solver to links page.
10/01/05. Class of 1955 has a yearbook - 50 years overdue. Thanks Norma Harmon Clark ('55) for information.
05/22/05. Class of 1956 completed. Thank you Jack Musick ('56) for sending your group picture.
05/20/05. Class of 1955 completed. Thanks Mary Lou Keller ('55) and Midge Palmer ('59) for uploading files.
05/04/05. Class of 1951 completed. Thanks to Jim Norrocky ('56) for supplying yearbook.
05/03/05. Class of 1950 completed. Thanks to Jim Norrocky ('56) for supplying yearbook.
05/01/05. Class of 1952 completed. Thanks to Jim Norrocky ('56) for supplying yearbook.
04/28/05. Class of 1954 completed. Thanks to Jim Norrocky ('56) for supplying yearbook.
04/24/05. Class of 1953 completed. Thanks to Jim Norrocky ('56) for supplying yearbook.
04/19/05. Class of 1963 completed. Thanks to Gene Dawson ('63) for sending his Corhian.
04/15/05. Changed Alma Mater lyrics to agree with final Corhian.
04/03/05. Added new Class Pages music. Thanks Hartley's (Beckey '53 & David '57) for musical score for "Overture Americana".
03/09/05. Class of 1948 completed. Thanks to Jim Norrocky ('56) for supplying yearbook.
03/07/05. Class of 1949 completed. Thanks to Jim Norrocky ('56) for supplying yearbook.
03/01/05. Class of 1962 completed. Thanks Dean Brown (Miller Class '70) for sending yearbook.
01/01/05. Added picture upload capability - FTP.
12/03/04. Added Smile! to links.
11/15/04. Added 1938 Corning/Perry County phone listings. Goto Links.
09/28/04. Updated Florida hazards - Check out Links for a surprise.
09/16/04. Updated Florida hazards to include life cycle of Ivan.
09/06/04. Added Florida hazards to Links page.
08/20/04. Added name search routine to class pages.
07/13/04. Added slide presentation of old Corning pictures from Alumni Banquet. Go to links to check it out.
06/28/04. Added more 1957 nostalgia to links page.
06/11/04. Thanks to Sally (Vanway) Sanders for sending her Corhian. 1961 class pictures are done.
06/01/04. Changed Alma Mater lyrics per those published in 1961 yearbook.
05/26/04. Added auto play programs written for Alumni Banquet. Go to news to run them.
05/17/04. Easily find photos--added * to years with available pictures.
05/10/04. Surname trivia - What is the most listed surname in the Class Pages Section of Corhian? Goto News to get the answer!
03/22/04. Added Littles Cities link - check the tour schedule.
11/14/03. Add way to play songs after 1964- click the jukebox!
08/30/03. Added link to find song titles.
05/04/03. Added all names from Alumni book.

The names in the green book distributed by the Alumni Association have been transferred to the class pages so Corhian now contains the names of all CHS Graduates. The book was formatted as "FamilyName, FirstName OtherName (sometimes 2nd OtherName)". The FamilyName was put last to avoid having to figure out whether OtherNames were middle names or married names. If you see any errors or mistakes in the names, please tell us so we can make them right. If you have pictures to go with any of these names let us know and we'll try to put some more faces out there too. Thanks.   ps: if you ever attended CHS but didn't graduate for some reason, contact us and we'll gladly add your name to your classmates group - pictures are also welcome!

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