There's a school we'll cherish ever,
On a hillside.
In our hearts she'll reign forever,
Be our fondest pride.
Many lessons she has taught us,
Honor, faith and truth.
Many joys she too has brought us,
Glorified our youth.
Sons and daughters sound your praises,
Sound them far and nigh.
Sing your love for dear old Corning,
Dear old Corning High.
Here we are now all together,
Looking back on life.
Mem'ries in our minds will linger,
'Til our dying days.
Deeply felt were our encounters,
Joys and tears and loves.
Things we learn'd and friendships earned,
We owe much to you.
Sing with us and join our voices,
Let them hear us clear.
As we sing our fondest mem'ry,
Dear old Corning High.

Welcome to Corning Alumni Association Final Banquet Scrapbook Pages

May 27, 2017 - A day we all knew would arrive but just didn't know when!

Our aspirations to attend this event and hear the singing of the CHS Alma Mater, including second verse words that emerged easily from somewhere within, faded along with the supply of potential banquet attendees.

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