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Welcome to Links and Other Things

Following Links Take You to External Web Sites

oval image RPDMS Associates - WEB site host. Technical site about color science and control. Have some fun and test color ability - go here and download the free color matching practice program.
oval image Little Cities of Black Diamonds - Organization promoting our hometown and surrounding communities.
oval image SPICE - One effort aimed at stemming further decline of Southern Perry County communities like Corning.
oval image CongoBytes - Site dedicated to the history and preservation of Congo, Ohio, community.
oval image Art and Patriotism in Downtown Corning - Can you believe it? Right on the banks of Sunday Creek!
oval image Classmates.com - There are quite a few CHS Grads registered here but they want $36 to join! Why pay money when you can have your own free page right here on the Corhian site and your friends can find you in the A-Z Lookup Section.
oval image Corning Alumni History Preservation Site - Alumni web site providing access to the Corning Area History Panels. Links allow you to browse all of the stories and pictures that have been extracted from all of the panels.

Following Are Local Pages At Corhian.com

oval image Hit Songs - WEB page listing the song titles by year. Go here to find the names of any you don't recognize. Windows users can now open or download a "jukebox" program to play all songs through year 2003!
oval image Hazards of Florida Living - Web page put together while "hunkering down" for hurricane Frances, that happens to be my wife's first name. Expanded to cover other hurricane threats to Florida. Some really great satellite images from NOAA and/or related sites that may take some time to load on dial up - worth waiting for.
oval image 1938 Perry County Telephone Directory - Includes listings for the whole county. Check out your friends and relatives that had telephones in 1938, then close the new window to come back here. Slow over a dial-up connection so communities available separately.   Corning    Shawnee    New Lexington    New Straitsville    Somerset    Thornville    Glenford
oval image Smile and the world smiles with you - This was an e-mail from Charlie Fulton that I thought had a good message to be shared. He has no ties to Corhian but visited the site once and was favorably impressed enough to send me a complimentary e-mail. He, along with many others send messages like these that I sometimes turn into web pages as time permits.
oval image Corning Pictures(Manual Control) - Pictures from Roger Briggs' presentation shown at the 2004 Alumni Banquet. Adapted for web presentation so those of us who weren't there can enjoy them too or

CLICK HERE for autorunning slide show of the same pictures. This last routine preloads all pictures so it is not recommended for dial up connections unless you are prepared to wait 5 minutes or so for the show to start.
oval image Tribute to the Troops - From the Alumni Banquet CD. An e-mail turned into a web page with an added medley of service tunes.
oval image Quotes from 1957 - This e-mail forwarded by Steve Benedict, Class 1959, has been duplicated here as HTML file. How little did we know in 1957 just how far things would go by 21st Century!
oval image What is was like then - This link originally supplied by Steve Benedict, Class 1959, tells something about what was really good about the "Good ole days". The song is a .mid file so make sure the MIDI synth capabilities of your sound card are enabled and the volume is up. This site was downloaded and replicated here with permission from peteyandpetyunia.com. Many thanks to them for making it available.
oval image In memory of the Columbia crew - Complete with the song "Way Up There", commissioned by NASA to celebrate the centennial of flight. Written by Tena R. Clark and sung by Patti LaBelle. This is a 1.6MB MP3 file downloading from NASA site. Depending upon your connection speed it could take 10 minutes before you hear the music. Worth the wait!
oval image Sudoku Puzzle Solver - These positional puzzles most commonly involving digits or numbers are the latest Japanese imports to catch America's attention. Our local newspaper carries one every day along side the Crossword, Jumble, and Cryptoquote. They are quite addictive and vary in difficulty from easy to very hard. This program was written to assist in solving a 9x9 grid Sudoku. It is an executable file (.exe) that runs on most late versions of Windows depending upon the .dll libraries that exist on your computer. Open it or save it to your computer. Let me know if you have any problems and I probably could be convinced to come up with a conventional Windows installable version.
oval image Cryptoquote Helper Program - Our local newspaper carries one every day along side the Crossword, Jumble, and Sudoku. This program was written to assist (not solve) your deciphering the encrypted puzzle. Open it, select extract, and follow directions to install on your computer. Please feel free to share with other puzzle-heads if you wish.
oval image Corning History - A short story about Corning Village from founding in 1879 through the oil, coal and railroad boom time growth to nearly 1600 residents and decline to less than half that number today.