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Ohio News Thursday, May 04, 2006

CORNING, Ohio (AP) The streetlights won't be coming back on any time soon in this cash-strapped village. For the second time, voters rejected a property-tax levy that Village Council members said would have restored city services. Council members ordered streetlights turned off in February, and the hours of the village's only policeman and street maintenance worker were cut.

A levy that would have generated $16,000 in revenue for the village failed by one vote last November. The village was left with $115,000 for the year when that levy failed, clerk Sheri Dodson said. Tuesday's levy was rejected 87-71, meaning the streetlights will stay dark each night in this community about 55 miles southeast of Columbus.

Some of the 539 residents of the former mining community complained when the lights went dark that council members were trying to punish them for not supporting the first levy. Residents have been squabbling with council about how the village is being run. Many are opposed to a proposed $5 million sewer project, while others complain that streets aren't being maintained.

Dodson said that Corning will have no choice but to place another government operations levy on the ballot in November.

5/26/04 Some added goodies.

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5/10/04 Following is a quick count of the most common surnames listed in Corhian Class Pages. Listed are those with 12 or more:

28 -- Rodgers
19 -- Jones
19 -- Wright
17 -- Mason
17 -- Post
17 -- Wilson
16 -- Weaver
15 -- Dew
15 -- Dunlap
15 -- Hill
15 -- Latta
14 -- Jenkins
13 -- Fisher
13 -- Hardy
13 -- Murphy
12 -- Spence

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