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What is CORHIAN.COM? is the web site dedicated to former students, teachers, faculty, staff, and friends of Corning, Ohio Schools. CORHIAN (CORning HIgh School ANnual) was the name given to the annual yearbook assembled, edited, published, and sold by many of the senior classes at CHS. These books were the source for many of the pictures and other materials contained in this web site. Not all classes published these books for various reasons and it has been difficult to locate any prior to 1948. It is not known when this yearbook tradition was started, so, if any of you know of or have any of these books, please contact CORHIAN.COM.

The names were extracted from the green covered booklet entitled 'Corning High School Graduates 1888-1964', distributed by the Corning High School Alumni Association. It is not known whether any more of these are available but they can be contacted by writing to: Corning High School Alumni Association, P. O. Box 111, Corning, OH 43730. The information contained in this booklet was compiled by Mr. William Dunlap, himself a 1946 graduate of CHS who went on to serve as both a teacher and administrator in the Corning School System and the succeeding consolidated Southern Local School District.

Although this web site was started from the names of graduates included in the yearbooks and the green book compilation, it is not exclusively for graduates but is for anyone who ever attended CHS. If you or any of your relatives or friends attended CHS and are not included, please send the information and they will be listed along with their classmates in the year they would have normally graduated. Also, if you see errors or other omissions, please, report them. The goal of Corhian is to include all those who wish to be included and as accurately as possible.