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Who started CORHIAN.COM?

Jeanette Lunning Penrod, Class of 1960 and her husband Ron, Class of 1958 started CORHIAN.COM from information contained in their respective yearbooks along with a 1957 Corhian found stashed away with their other treasures. Jeanette had worked in a real estate office where she made brochures and flyers and Ron had worked a year or so for a company that produced outdoor billboards so they both had some graphics experience to call on.

Their equipment included a digital camera, a scanner, several image processing programs, and a 1997 vintage 266 Mhz Pentium II computer, everything needed to start production. You may be surprised to know that this same computer system(upgraded from Windows 95 to 98 to ME, additional memory and a larger hard drive) has been used to scan, edit, or write every single image and file on web site. Coupled to a synthesizer keyboard and a MIDI music system, it has also been used to sequence, arrange and produce the 120, give or take a few, songs that can be heard while browsing Corhian.

Although is about six years old, as evidenced by the update history, the work comes in spurts. There are big time gaps where we had no resources and no work followed by feverish paced efforts to get the pictures as perfect as possible and put them online as soon as possible. I fear that we are fast approaching the point where additional materials are going to be hard to find. We are not spring chickens anymore and the last CHS class graduated over 40 years ago. We have done about as much as we can do and we really appreciate all the efforts of those contributors whose time and efforts have helped make as complete as it is. Thank you, thank you.