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Why was CORHIAN.COM started?, the web site dedicated to former students, teachers, faculty, staff, and friends of Corning, Ohio Schools, was started as a common ground meeting place for all former Railroaders. Unlike Classmates, a totally commercial, pay-to-use site, was envisioned as a freebie where one could place their contact information for others with common roots to find. Assuming, of course, that you want to be found.

I stumbled onto Classmates and discovered that several people from Corning High were registered, including my sister. I also discovered that two old and dear friends that I hadn't seen or talked to for years were registered at that time. I proceeded to send them messages and waited and waited and... Quite likely, I thought, they probably registered with Classmates and had forgotten to update when their addresses changed. Quite some time passed and I finally received a response form Classmates that I had a message. One catch though, a $36 annual membership fee was required to complete the transaction. I paid the money and discovered that one of my wife's friends was trying to contact her through me. I now understood why Classmates membership may not produce the desired results. The $36 was not wasted since this contact led to many others.

These experiences planted the seeds for that has since grown to be much more than just an address book - a historical record of a bygone era. As a former CHS'er said to me recently, "You know, for what little we had, a lot of really good people came from Corning High School."